Park Shelter Information

The city has eight different park shelters with restrooms available for rental on a first come-first serve basis. Rental fees and policies as well as park rules are listed on the reservation form. To check availability of specific dates simply view them online or call the Parks office at 845-6695.


Shelter reservations can be made online, in person at our office or mailed to city of Verona Parks. Reservations can only be made during the current calendar year. The reservation season is between April and October.

Reservations are not final until we receive a completed and signed form as well as payment. For online reservations you are confirmed the instant your credit card is accepted as long as your reservation is not a special event (see below). 

Reservation Fee

  • City Residents: $100 for up to 50 people, $50 per each additional 50 people
  • Non-Residents: $200 for up to 50 people, $50 per each additional 50 people

Refund Policy

A full refund will be issued if a shelter rental is cancelled at least 30 days prior to the reservation date. A 50% refund will be issued if the cancellation is made 14-29 days prior to the reservation date. To get started today, make a reservation online!

​Special Event Conditions

Special events require 30 days advance notice and Park Commission approval. Online reservations are not allowed for special events. A reservation is considered a special event when any of the following conditions apply:
  1. More than 200 people will be in attendance
  2. The event takes place before 7:00am or after 10:00pm
  3. The event is catered
  4. Music or loudspeakers will be used as part of the event (regular household speakers - ie small bluetooth speakers - are exempt from this)
  5. The event charges an admission fee or offers anything for sale as part of the event*
  6. Outside attractions will be brought in (dunk tank, inflatables, etc)*
*Items #5 and #6 may require a Certificate of Insurance

Park Rules

  1. Consumption of alcohol in any city park is allowed only by permit. Ord. 12-1-6(a)
  2. Consumption of alcohol in a vehicle or in a city parking lot is always forbidden. Ord. 12-1-6(b)
  3. Glass bottles and containers are not allowed in city parks. Ord. 12-1-1(12)
  4. Pets are not allowed in city parks. Ord. 12-1-1(20)
  5. Parking or operating a vehicle on turf areas is prohibited. Ord. 12-1-1(9)
  6. Fires are allowed only in grills and fireplaces. Ord. 12-1-1(7)
  7. The individual whose name appears on the park reservation permit is reponsible for the conduct of all persons covered by the permit. Failure to show proof of permit upon request may result in the revocation of permit, confiscation of alcoholic beverages, and subject the offender to arrest. Ord. 12-1-6(e)(1)

Shelter Descriptions

The following is a brief description of each shelter, the amenities available, and pictures of each shelter:

Harriet Park Shelter

This has historically been our most popular shelter. It is located near Badger Ridge Middle School on Mary Lou Street and can accommodate groups up to about 100. The park offers pickleball, basketball, horseshoes, soccer, playground equipment and plenty of flat ground for field games, all in a quiet neighborhood setting. This park has been consistently cited as our most used park.

Community Park Shelter

This shelter is located off of Lincoln Street adjacent to the Eagles Nest Ice Arena. The primary feature of the park is three softball/baseball diamonds but other amenities include a playground, skatepark, roller hockey rink, and a large parking area. The shelter can comfortably hold groups of 75 or less. We don't encourage people to rent this shelter from mid-May through mid-July due to the fact that ball games are likely to be scheduled and the fields can be annoyingly close to the shelter.

Festival Park Shelter

This is our largest shelter and can accommodate groups up to 250. It is located off of Lincoln Street behind City Hall and is also the site of the annual Hometown Days Festival. There is a large mowed open field and great view of the county Park to the east, but no other amenities.

Veteran's Park Shelter

This shelter is also located on Lincoln Street just south of City Hall and can hold up to 50 people. The park amenities include playground equipment, baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, and off street parking for 30+ cars.

Hometown Junction Shelter

This shelter is on Main Street downtown adjacent to the Military Ridge bike trail. It is one of our newest and most attractive shelters and a good choice for events that want public visibility like benefits or other fund raisers, but its location next to a busy downtown street make it a poor choice for a quiet family reunion. The park has off street parking for 20+ vehicles and an attractive Veteran's Memorial, but no other amenities.

Fireman's Park Shelter

The rentable shelter at Fireman's Park sits on the hill overlooking the park, right above the splash pad. Restrooms are located in the newer public shelter next to the admissions counter. Due to the nature of this park, reservations for Fireman's Park are limited to 30 people. Located on Bruce St., the newly renovated park has a splash pad, new playground, and a beach. 

Tollefson Park Shelter

This shelter is located at the corner of Whalen Road and Gatsby Glen Drive. The park adjoins Glacier Edge Elementary school and is a good location for groups up to about 50. If lots of activities for young children are important then this shelter is definitely worth a look.

Cathedral Point Park Shelter

This is one of our newest shelters, completed in 2018.  It is located in the Cathedral Point subdivision at the corner of Westminster Way and Chad's Crossing.  The park amenities include playground equipment, tennis, basketball, open playing field and off street parking for 20+ cars.
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