Development Projects

The Planning Department receives numerous submissions for development proposals. All projects are reviewed by City Staff to ensure compliance with various codes. The projects listed on this page are currently under review by City Staff or have been approved by the City. Please select a project to view specific information about that development. Additional projects not listed on this page may be pending with the City. Please contact the Planning Department for questions about a project not listed on this page.

As required by the State of Wisconsin, the City of Verona maintains a list of persons who submit a request to receive notice of any proposed zoning action that affects the allowable use of a person's property. Please contact the City Clerk to be added to the notification list. 

Projects before the Plan Commission at the Wednesday, April 8th meeting

The following projects may not mirror the order of the April Plan Commission meeting agenda, but will be on the agenda. 

Pending Projects

Projects listed below are currently pending before the City and have not been fully approved.

Project Status

The table contains development projects in various stages in the review process, under construction, or awaiting construction.
The table contains development projects in various stages in the review process, under construction, or awaiting construction.
Project Name Applicant Location Status Details
ACS - Lot 18 - Liberty Business Park ACS 633 Liberty Dr. Foundation and footings are underway Approved in September of 2019 for 1-story, 47,100 s.f. office/manufacturing building
Bach Race Craft Jim Bach 404 Legion St. Under construction 9,200 s.f. building
505 - 507 Bruce St. Aldo Partners 505 - 507 Bruce St. Plans submitted to Building Inspectors for review 7,000 s.f. building that could be divided for three separate tenants; Approved site plan, conditional use permit, and certified survey map in May of 2019
211 E. Verona Ave. Michael Hankard 211 E. Verona Ave. Concept Plan before Plan Commission Sept. 2019 2-story, 2,406 s.f. building for commercial
Engineering Industries, LLC Engineering Industries, LLC 407 S. Nine Mound Rd. Under construction Approved in April of 2019 for 13,750 s.f. addition to the existing building 
Epic - Campus 5 Epic 1979 Milky Way Under construction; the last office building started in 2019 Approved for 5 office buildings & 3,035 underground parking spaces
Epic - Campus 5 - Phase 2 Epic 1979 Milky Way Approved in January of 2020 Approved conditional use permit and site plan for 2 office buildings
Epic - Plat Epic 1979 Milky Way Approved in March of 2020 Approved for 2 lots and 2 outlots
Epic - Workshop Epic 1979 Milky Way Approved in February of 2020 Site plan and conditional use permit for a workshop building for paint working and woodwork
103 N. Franklin St. Night Owl Wood Studio LLC 103 N. Franklin St. Approved in March of 2020 Zoning map amendment from Neighborhood Office to Central Commercial and a conditional use permit to allow light industrial activities incidental to indoor sales and services
Hometown Grove Northpointe Kimball Lane area Homes under construction  
Kettle Creek North - Replat H & H Properties North of Country View Elementary School Dane County Circuit Court signed document June of 2019 Approved in Jan. of 2019 for 33 lots and 2 outlots
Kettle Creek North H & H Properties North of Country View Elementary School Under construction with building permits issued Approved for 174 single-family lots
Kwik Trip Kwik Trip 233 Wildcat Way Under construction Approved for a gas station, convenience store, and car wash in July of 2019.
Lincoln St. Apartments Lincoln St. Verona, LLC 104 Lincoln St. Under construction Precise implementation plan approved in Oct. 2018 for 90-apartment units
841 N. Main St. Forward Development Group 841 N. Main St. Agreements before the Common Council in April 2020 for the City's outlot Site plan approved in April of 2019 for 100-unit age restricted senior housing with assisted care. 
421 S. Nine Mound Rd. & 408 Venture Ct. Zander Solutions 421 S. Nine Mound Rd. & 408 Venture Ct. Initial review before the Plan Commission in February of 2020 Initial review to create a certified survey map and two (2) new buildings. 
142 Paoli Street VASD 142 Paoli Street Approved in February of 2020 Certified survey map to dedicate right-of-way to be used for the new high school transportation improvements.
190 Paoli Street Cleary Building Corporation 190 Paoli Street Approved with conditions in March of 2020 Site plan approved with conditions for a 48,588 s.f. building addition. 
Sugar Creek Commons - Buildings B & C Forward Development Group South of W. Verona Ave. & west of Legion St. Approved in December of 2019  Precise implementation plan amendment approved in Nov. 2018 for 143-apartment units and 26,000 s.f. commercial was approved for another year in Dec. of 2019.  
Sugar Creek Commons - Hotel & Event Center Forward Development Group 509 W. Verona Ave. Waiting on a development agreement Precise implementation plan approved in April of 2019 for 120-room hotel and 350-seat event center
VASD - High School VASD 234 Wildcat Way Under construction Site plan approved in March of 2018
VASD - Monument Sign VASD Corner of W. Verona Ave. & West End Circle, & north of Half Mile Rd.   Conditional use permit for a monument sign; Approved with conditions in August of 2019
VASD - Traffic Circulation VASD 700 N. Main St.  Approved with conditions in  August of 2019 Site plan amendment and a condition of approval to do a traffic circulation report showing movement of vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles
Verona Technology Park - Lots 9 & 10 KSW Construction Corner of Thousand Oaks Trail & CTH M Initial review Initial review for an office building of 8,200 s.f. and a flexible industrial building of 41,200 s.f.
Well # 6 City of Verona North side of Whalen Rd. ~ 800 east of U.S. Hwy. 18-151 Under construction 2.17-acres for a 1,740 s.f. utility building
West End - Market 5 Steve Brown Apartments West End - south of W. Verona Ave. and east/west of West End Circle Under construction 28,849 s.f. commercial; Precise implementation plan amendment approved in October of 2018
West End - ATM Summit Credit Union West End  - North of Stephen Way Approved in January of 2020 Conditional use permit and site plan for a drive-through to be used for a personalized teller machine (PTM)
Whispering Coves Forward Development Group South of CTH PD & west of CTH M Approved with conditions November of 2019 214 lots & 29 outlots 
Final Plat & Annexation for Morningside Boulevard
The Woods at Cathedral Point Veridian Southeast corner of CTH M & Range Trail Approved with conditions in February of 2020 53-acres for 100-unit multi-family, 18 twin homes, 38 alley accessed single-family, & 101 street accessed single-family: