Street Project Information


Listed are some of the major projects the City is undertaking.  Under each specific project there is a brief description along with links to various documents and maps related to the project.

Among these projects are the city's annual projects for:


Full reconstruction of streets provides long-term upgrades to the roadway and the underlying infrastructure (Water, Sewer and Storm Sewer), addressing serious issues related to a street’s condition. Reconstruction replaces over a foot of the roadway below the street’s surface and includes reconstruction of the curbs and sidewalks as well. As part of reconstruction, the street may be realigned to improve safety or operations, grading may be changed to improve storm water flow, underground utilities may be added, upgraded or relocated , traffic signals and street lights may be relocated, and street trees and pedestrian ramps may be added.

The following streets are scheduled for Full Reconstruction in 2018:

  • S Shuman Street      
  • W Park Lane
  • W Railroad Street    

The City of Verona annually chooses to reconstruct a portion of our streets. The procedures include the replacement of deficient curb/gutter, sidewalk and the complete asphalt surface. The decision of which streets to do is made by using an age/condition formula. A map link has been included to provide residents the opportunity to review whether construction should be anticipated in your neighborhood. Any residences or businesses that are directly affected will receive further notice and information concerning the construction.

The following streets are scheduled for Rehabilitation and Resurfacing in 2018:

  • E Harriet Street
  • Gilman Street

The City of Verona also surface treats several streets annually using a couple of different techniques. Crack Filling which is a method to seal major cracks in the asphalt surface and then Chip Sealing using an asphalt emulsion with an aggregate topcoat. The purpose of doing this is to seal and enhance the life of the pavement surface.

The following streets are scheduled for Street Surface Treatment in 2018:

  • Cathedral Point Drive
  • Chad's Crossing
  • Westminster Way
  • East Whispering Pines Way (Range Trail to Westminster Way)

  • Forest View Drive (Old PB to Glacier Ridge Trail)
  • Glacier Ridge Trail
  • Glenview Drive
  • Goldenrod Circle
  • Harper Drive
  • Marshall Circle
  • Military Ridge Drive
  • Orchid Court
  • Questa Ridge Trail

  • Acadia Way
  • Azurene Lane
  • Basswood Avenue (Tamarack Way to North Nine Mound Road)
  • Cabrillo Drive
  • Cabrillo Court
  • Rovalia Drive

  • Acker Lane
  • Acker Court
  • West Chapel Royal Drive
  • Pinehurst Drive

  • South Nine Mound Road

  • Solar Court

  • West End Circle
  • Wall Street

  • Kwik Trip Entrance (Old PB)

  • Library Drive

  • Epic Lane

  • Cross Country Road