2023 Public Works Improvement Projects

ASPHALTIC street rehabilitation includes the replacement of deficient curb/gutter, sidewalk, and asphalt surface. Targeted streets are determined by an age/condition formula. The following streets are scheduled for asphaltic rehabilitation in 2023:

• Enterprise Dr (W Verona Ave to 400’ north of Silent St)

• Multi-Use Path on N Main St (Cross Country Rd to 275’ south of Llanos St)

• Southbound left turn bypass lane at Whalen Rd and CTH M

CHIP SEALING uses an asphalt emulsion with an aggregate topcoat. This treatment seals and enhances the life of the pavement surface. The following streets are scheduled for granite chip seal in 2023:

Westridge Neighborhood

• Westridge Pkwy (Jenna Dr to Breckenridge Rd)

• Glenwood Dr (Westridge Pkwy to 300’ west)

• Breckenridge Rd (Glenwood Dr to Westridge Pkwy)

• Meister Dr (Westridge Pkwy to N Nine Mound Rd)

• Wynwood Dr (Meister Dr to 120’ south of Westridge Pkwy)

East View Neighborhood

• Arbor Vitae Pl (Entire)

• Harvest Ln (Whalen Rd to Arbor Vitae Pl)

• Forest View Dr (E Hillcrest Dr to 320’ east of Harvest Ln)

• Harper Dr (Harvest Ln to 200’ south)

• E Hillcrest Dr (Harvest Ln to 130’ east of Elm St)

• S Hillcrest Dr (100’ west of Elm St to East View Rd)

• Green Meadow Dr (East View Rd to Harvest Ln)

• Parkland Dr (Green Meadow Dr to Harvest Ln)

• James Cir (Entire)

• Wood Lawn Way (East View Rd to Fairview Ter)

• Fairview Ter (Whalen Rd to Green Meadow Dr)

• Stone Ridge Cir (Entire)

• East View Rd (Whalen Rd to S Hillcrest Dr)

Crack filling and sidewalk repairs have already been completed for 2023.

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