Zoning & Sign Code Rewrite

The Plan Commission will review the submitted comments at their May 3rd Plan Commission meeting in hopes of making a recommendation to the Common Council. 

The Zoning and Sign Ordinance will provide a “user –friendly” document that can be understood and interpreted that will include graphics, illustrations, and tables to help clarify the regulations. Some the regulations have changed such as the amount of parking spaces required and landscaping designs, while other regulations are completely new such as charging stations and bicycle parking.

The entire proposed Zoning and Sign Code can be found in the bullets to the right of this text on this website. 

By clicking on this link, a new window will appear giving a brief summary of maps illustrating which properties are proposed to be rezoned. At the bottom of this website, there is a map that persons can type in an address or zoom into a property to view the current Zoning District and the proposed Zoning District. 

Proposed Zoning Map March 2021 Opens in new window


Katherine Holt

Community Development Specialist


Ph: 608-845-0909

For a quick overview of the Zoning and Sign Code process, please click on the below image to review the brochure.

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In addition, there is a searchable list of properties that will be rezoned by address and parcel identification number. Properties that have zoning changes are notified by mail of these proposed changes.

The Community Residential (CR), Urban Commercial (UC), and Neighborhood Commercial (NC) zoning districts were removed from the proposed Ordinance and consolidated into the Neighborhood Residential (NR) and the latter two zones into Suburban Commercial (SC). All of those properties will be rezoned. 

The Planned Unit Development (PUD) Zoning District was modified to become an Overlay zone. Staff has matched the existing land uses in these zones to the proposed Zoning Districts to better reflect what is on the ground today. For example, all of the properties on North Edge Trail are currently zoned Planned Unit Development and makes it difficult to determine what are the underlying zone regulations. These properties will be zoned to Neighborhood Residential (NR) with a Planned Unit Development Overlay District that will alert Staff to verify any approved setback exemptions that are different from the proposed Zoning Ordinance. 

Other properties may be rezoned to better reflect what is on the ground today. For example, the Subway property (500 West Verona Avenue) is currently zoned Neighborhood Residential (NR), which prohibits restaurants. This property is proposed to be rezoned to Suburban Commercial (SC), which allows restaurants. There are several other properties that are proposed to be rezoned to Central Commercial (CC) Zoning District as these were designated to be rezoned in the Downtown Mobility and Development Plan.

The below table contains links to information that was presented to the Plan Commission at their meetings as well as a YouTube video link to view the entire conversations. 

May 3, 2021Finalize the Zoning and Sign Code in hopes of a recommendation to the Common Council for adoptionLink
April 7, 2021Public Hearing for Zoning and Sign CodeLinkStart at time stamp 30:00
March 1, 2021Highlights of Zoning and Sign CodeLinkStart at time stamp 1:46:00
December 7, 2020Articles 1, 2, and 8Link (large file due to development proposals)Start at time stamp 55:00
October 5, 2020Articles 6 and 7LinkStart at time stamp 2:32:00
June 1, 2020Articles 3, 4, and 5Link Link
February 3, 2020Diagnostic memo and reportPresentation and report

Visit the Rewrite website at http://www.hlplanning.com/portals/verona/ for more information on how to participate, follow the project, and give input by mapping your favorite things in Verona.