Housing Fee Report

The Housing Fee Report must include the following fees imposed on new residential construction, remodeling, and/or development: building permit fee, impact fee, park fee, land dedication requirement, fee in lieu of land dedication, plat approval fee, storm water management fee, and water or sewer hook‐up fee.  While these fees are re-evaluated each year, the majority of the fees have remained stagnant over the last couple of years. The City of Verona is about average in their fee rates compared to other municipalities in the region. Some of the fees listed are set by other agencies in the region such as Madison Metropolitan Sewer District (MMSD). Additionally, the developer is billed for the City Engineer to review plans as this can become costly depending on the quality of the submitted plans. The City Engineer only bills their time that they actually worked on the project.  The developer is also billed for the City Attorney fees to draft the development agreement.