2022 Pavement Surface Treatment Project

The City of Verona surface treats several streets annually using a couple of different techniques. Crack filling is a method to seal major cracks in the asphalt surface, and chip sealing uses an asphalt emulsion with an aggregate topcoat. These treatments seal and enhance the life of the pavement surface. 

The following streets are scheduled for granite chip seal in 2022:

  • Ashburn Way
  • Canterbury Pass
  • Chads Xing (Canterbury Pass to Westminster Way)
  • E Chapel Royal Drive (Locust Drive to Siena Drive)
  • Hidden Valley Road
  • Locust Drive (Locust bridge to Termini)
  • Pinehurst Court
  • Salisbury Lane
  • Scenic Ridge Drive (Locust Drive to Termini)
  • Sophia Drive
  • Steeple Point Way
  • E Whispering Pines Way (Locust Drive to Westminster Way)
  • W Whispering Pines Way (Locust Drive to Termini)
  • Whittman Way
  • Willow Run (W Chapel Royal Drive to W Whispering Pines Way)
  • Winchester Court
  • Winchester Pass

2022 Pavement Surface Treatment (Granite) Map