Be Active WI Challenge

Join Team Verona in the Be Active WI Challenge!

What is it? A virtual, compete-at-your-own-pace friendly challenge between communities all over the state, with a goal of promoting an active lifestyle by getting people outside in the parks and on the trails in their communites. 

How does it work? First, sign up with your community. Then during the month of March, keep track of the number of minutes you're active each week and add it to your community's total. 

What counts as being active? Active minutes are defined as "intentional time to work out". But this doesn't just mean the traditional kind of working out like running or going to the gym to lift weights! Pretty much any kind of being active counts: doing rec programs, yoga, ice skating on the local park rink, hiking on a nearby trail, walking the neighborhood, skateboarding with friends, and lots more! 

Is there a required number of active minutes per week? Nope! Each participant can decide on their own weekly goal based on their needs. We suggest trying for 200 minutes per week and adjusting from there as needed. 

What happens at the end of March? The average number of active minutes per participant is calculated for each community. The community with the highest average takes the title of "Fittest Community" and gets the traveling trophy for the year! 

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Be Active WI 2023