Stormwater Detention Basin Vegetation Burns

General Information

The City of Verona typically burns between five and ten stormwater detention basins annually.

Vegetation burns are usually scheduled in the spring since there is a longer available period when weather and moisture conditions are favorable for this maintenance activity. Burns are scheduled for several reasons:

  1. The basin has been seeded with native vegetation. Native vegetation usually can survive burns while non-native vegetation usually cannot.
  2. The basin was burned the previous year. Basins benefit from two years of consecutive burns to encourage native vegetation. There will generally be a three-to-five-year break between the second consecutive burn and the next scheduled burn.
  3. To manage overall biomass build-up.

Public Information 

Homes and businesses that are immediately adjacent to basins that will be burned each year are sent notification letters. If you would like to be added to the email update list for a particular basin, please email  and include the basin name in the subject line. 

Map of the City Owned Detention Basins (To find a specific basin in the pdf, use Ctrl+F to search by basin name.)

Verona Public Library Presentation Link (Be sure to scroll down the page to get to the stormwater presentations.)

Project Contact

For questions, please contact Kyle Geisler, Street Superintendent by phone at 608-497-2075 or by e-mail at