Zoning Map and Ordinance

The Zoning and Sign Ordinance was approved on May 10, 2021 by the Common Council. This is the first complete overhaul of this Ordinance since 1996. The entire process can be viewed on the Zoning and Sign Code Rewrite website

The City posts all Ordinances in Municode, which lists Title 13 for the Zoning and Sign portion of the Ordinance. The City may modify some of the Articles in the Zoning and Sign Ordinance, which requires Municode to be updated. These updates take at least a month to two months to occur as Municode has to format the information into their system. 

The Articles located to the right of this text are approved Zoning and Sign Ordinances with the complete document at the top and each individual Article listed, which is maintained inhouse. Staff's goal is to keep these Articles current especially while waiting for Municode updates. 

In what zoning district is my property? 

The City has created an interactive map that will allow you to type in your address and zoom into the property, which will list the zoning district. You can click on the property to see what information will appear. The name of the zoning district as well as the abbreviation will allow you to review the Zoning and Sign Ordinance to determine what is permitted on a property. To open the interactive map, click on the below map and when a separate window appears, click "Not Right Now" to be able to use the search feature. 

Zoning Map Opens in new window



Director of Planning and Development

Katherine Holt

Community Development Specialist